People say that home is where the heart — and they couldn’t be more right. A home is a huge part of who a person is. Not only do you live there, but how you decorate it says a lot about you.

For most, our home gives us a sense of pride. It is the place where our children take their first steps, where birthday parties are held, and where our biggest dreams are born. An essential part of a home is its decor. The furniture and decor in your home are essential when it comes to how your house is perceived. Lack of care can give a house a feeling of abandonment while a well-decorated home gives us a sense of love and belonging.

You don’t have to be an interior designer to have a nicely decorated home. In fact, all you need is space and good inspiration. You can find inspiration from apps like Pinterest, Instagram… or a blog post that gives you ideas on how to decorate your home.

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Step 1: Find Wall Decor 

Drumroll, please! Let’s give it up for my personal favorite: wall decor. Buying wall decor for your empty walls is one of the most satisfying experiences you can have while decorating your home. You get to bring your walls to life with beautiful art. The style is up to you – it can be classy, eye-catching, modern, subtle, or something that represents you as a person.

Idea #1: Hang a painting 

Something as simple as a painting hanging above your dining table room will add a dash of creativity to your home. You can pick a piece with vibrant colors or darker colors – it all depends on the other colors in your home. But the most important part is to pick a painting that you connect with.

What’s in the picture?

A simple, modern dining room with a beautiful flower canvas hanged on the wall.

Idea #2: Pick out a clock

A good clock is a household essential. It will reduce your tardiness and it’s guaranteed to stand out regardless of what room you put it in. Since you will look at that clock constantly to remind yourself of what time it is, make sure it’s something you wouldn’t mind looking at a million times per day.

What’s in the picture?

A living room with a colorful clock high on the wall. The bright colors and creative design makes the clock stand out in any room.

Idea #3: Check out some metal pieces 

Last but certainly not least is… metal wall decor. While it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of wall decor, you would be surprised how nice it looks on a living room wall. Metal wall decor has a certain classy, upscale look that you can’t get anywhere else.

What’s in the picture?

A subtle yet eye-catching floral metal wall decor piece in a classy and well-decorated home.

Step 3: Lighting 

How are we supposed to appreciate your newly decorated house if we can’t see it? Lighting is extremely important in a home. Not only will it allow your visitors to see your beautifully decorated home, but it will also set the mood. A brightly lit room can lighten a room’s energy, while dim lighting can set up a romantic atmosphere.

Idea #1: Buy lamps to make sure your house is well-lit

This might seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of people forget about this step. There is nothing that kills the atmosphere of a home more than a dark and gloomy home. Make sure your house is bright and vibrant by plugging in a couple of good lamps.

What’s in the picture?

A white living room with a sea-themed lamp.

Idea #2: Light some candles

If you want a more romantic and relaxed ambiance, you can also light some candles. There is certainly something magical about being in a room with beautifully lit candles.

What’s in the picture?

A bohemian style room with vibrant plants and a glass candle lantern. 

Step 4: Pay attention to detail

If you’re detail-oriented, you’re going to love this step. As you finish decorating your home, we recommend you take a look at the space around you and look for what might be missing. Is your bedroom looking a little plain? Find some decorative pillows or a new comforter for your bed. Is the guest bathroom a little boring? Buy a lighthouse soap dispenser and a blue shower curtain for an ocean-themed bathroom. Regardless of how you choose to do it, personalize your home even in the small details.

What’s in the picture?

A desk with several decor items, including a small canvas art, a whale pencil holder, a mug and a manaquin statue.

Step 5: Color Coordination

Whether you’re repainting your whole house or you don’t know what color sheets to buy, coordinating different colors to make sure they all match is an extremely important part of decorating a home.

What’s in the picture?

A color palette of a modern, colorful kitchen. The kitchen’s colors blend beautifully. The room’s highlight includes a beautiful food-themed canvas art and a white metal basket.


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