For the past few weeks, we have all enjoyed the warm weather, beach vacations, and ice cream outings. Do you know what that means? It means we are in the middle of one of the most beloved seasons: summer. 

There’s something about the summer heat and extra time off that makes this season one of the most anticipated times of the year. Kids look forward to the three months of summer vacation, teenagers can’t wait to spend more time with their friends, and adults are excited to finally go on a well-deserved vacation. But something that people of all ages look forward to is trading the long sweaters, knitted scarfs, and puffy jackets that winter requires for some fresher summer clothes. 

Summer can be one of the best times to update your wardrobe and try new outfit ideas. There are all kinds of colors and combinations that you can try.  So as June comes to an end, we created a list of our top five picks of new outfit ideas that you can try this summer. 

1. The Flowy Dress

There’s nothing like the feeling of a beautiful and comfortable dress. Whether you’re on vacation or going to work, the flowy dress will become your new best friend. You might have seen this type of dress during your weekend getaway or your last dinner outing since these dresses have been very popular this summer. 

The thing that makes this type of dress so ideal is the fact that you can look casual, fresh, and stylish while wearing it. It is the perfect dress for both women who love dressing up and women who aren’t big fans of dresses because it will allow you to look fashionable and beautiful without pushing you out of your comfort zone. 

In the image: We chose a lovely Hawaiian-style dress with a multicolored flower print and matching orange slides.  

2. The Long Skirt

Long skirts are classic and will never go out of style. When a woman wears a beautiful long skirt, it makes her look regal and classy. Depending on what you wear along with the skirt, you can wear it to both formal and casual events. It will be perfect for a church service or a night in the town. Not only are long skirts versatile, but they also allow women who might not be comfortable wearing short skirts feel at ease. 

Skirts come in all kinds of lengths and have different patterns, but the one thing they all have in common is that they make whoever is wearing them feel glamorous and free. So this summer, we encourage you to wear that long skirt that is hiding in your closet or go out and buy a new one! 

In the image: We matched a Forever 21 orange blouse with a long floral skirt and brown slides. 

3. The Eye-Catching Blouse

It is incredible that each person is able to use clothing as a representation of who they are. How would you describe your sense of style? Maybe you would use a word like bold, chic, or unique – those are words people often use. 

Regardless of how you dress, there are two things we all want when it comes to our clothing. We want our clothing to represent who we are and we want to stand out. That’s why people are drawn to graphic tees, bold colors, and aesthetic designs. We don’t want our clothes to be just like everyone else’s…. We want to be special. 

While pants, shoes, and accessories are essential parts of an outfit – we recommend that you start by looking for a shirt that catches your eye. A blouse can make a good outfit become a great outfit, so go ahead and look for a special one. Make sure it is something that makes you think, “This makes me feel like me.” And trust me, heads will be turning in your direction! 

In the image: This look is perfect for summer! An eye-catching tank top with a gray star pattern and denim shorts.

4. All Things Denim

In the 90s, denim was a huge trend. But in recent years, we have seen that denim has made a comeback… and we totally see why! Denim not only looks good in jeans, but it can also look amazing in jackets, skirts, and dresses. 

Do you usually only wear denim when you put on a pair of jeans or shorts? Well, you should try something new! There are so many options to choose from when it comes to denim. Try a blouse with a denim jacket, a denim dress with a shrug, or some cute denim overalls. 

In the image: The two beautiful young women are both wearing denim dresses, but they each added their own twist that fits to their personal sense of style. 

5. The Mix & Match Outfit

Styling clothing is an art. While you probably haven’t considered picking out your clothes to be a type of art, I can assure you that it is. When you pick out clothing and match it together, the possibilities are endless. You can combine all kinds of colors, different kinds of clothing, and accessories to create a masterpiece. Matching different pieces of clothing can look beautiful and it is a lot of fun to do. 

That’s why, this summer, we recommend that you mix and match different kinds of shorts, skirts, shirts, blouses, and shrugs. Go outside of your comfort zone and try something different or stick with the colors and style that you know look good on you. 

Do you have a plain shirt that you wish you could liven up a little? Combine it with a beautiful shrug or a matching skirt. Do you have a nice pair of shorts but don’t know what to wear them with? Shop for a nice new blouse. As I said, the possibilities are endless. 

In the image: We matched a black and white striped tank top with a butterfly print skirt. We finished off the look with a beautiful long shrug and matching black platform sandals.



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