Ah, finally the time has come! You have worked hard for the last couple of months, so you’re taking a well-deserved vacation. The excitement builds up as more days pass and you get closer to your vacation. You might be getting ready by looking up restaurant reviews, buying tickets for attractions, or packing your bags. 

We know you must have everything you need already packed –every possible outfit you could possibly wear, a toothbrush, headphones, etc. Did you pack the underwear? I know you wouldn’t want to forget those! 

Instead of creating a list of everyday items that you shouldn’t forget, we decided to do something a little different. There’s already dozens of lists on the internet that remind you to pack your swimwear, sunscreen, and towels. So, we created a list of the things you aren’t usually reminded to bring on vacation – but would help you have a great time if you had them. 

1. A Picnic Basket

While it might seem like an odd item to bring on vacation, a picnic basket will help you create a wonderful memory during your upcoming vacation. You will just need to buy some food for the picnic and go to the destination of your choice. 

You might decide to have your picnic on the sand next to the ocean or in a shaded area in a park. There’s so many places to choose from! There’s nothing lovelier than a delicious picnic, mostly when you have great company and a beautiful setting.

2. A Large Handbag or Backpack

Backpacks are an essential that many lists do not mention, but they should! As someone who really wished they had a small backpack with them during their last vacation, I can personally vouch for their importance. 

There’s nothing worse than going on a hike or a walk in the town, and not having a place to carry all your stuff. And yes, I know purses have the purpose of carrying your stuff as well, but not all of them are big enough to carry all your necessities. When you’re on vacation, you always need essentials with you like your wallet, phone, sunscreen, a water bottle, and your car keys. You need a big place to keep all that stuff.

3. Board Games

Board games are great fun for families of all sizes. After a long day of attractions, sometimes it’s best to wind down with some time to relax. A great way to pass time and spend time with your friends and family is to play a board game. 

If you have kids in the group, then they will be even more excited about this idea than you probably are. If you have room in your bag, it’s always a good idea to bring a board game because you never know in what moment it might come in handy.

4. Athletic Wear

Depending on the type of vacation you’re going on, you might already have your athletic wear packed. But in the case that you don’t, this is your reminder to go pack it now!

Athletic wear is essential for all kinds of sports, including hiking, camping and white water rafting. So if you’re doing any of those activities, make sure to have your sporty clothing and tennis shoes packed. Even if you won’t be doing any of those, it never hurts to have a pair of tennis shoes packed just in case.


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