Welcome to a brand new year, full of possibilities and opportunities to revamp your style without emptying your wallet! In this guide, we’re exploring a different kind of New Year’s resolution – a budget-friendly fashion resolution! As a new year begins, this is the perfect time to give our wardrobes a fresh start!

Let’s embark on a journey together and discover how you can redefine your style with a closet full of fashionable and affordable clothing, making this year your most stylish yet.


Setting the Stage for Style Success


1. Assess Your Wardrobe

As you bid farewell to the old and welcome the new, take a moment to assess your current wardrobe. Identify items you no longer wear and consider consigning them or donating them to make room for fresh, exciting pieces.


Fun fact: Did you know that in 2022, the resale market grew 11 times faster than the retail market? That’s not just a trend; it’s a revolution! Consignment stores are treasure troves of unique finds, offering quality pieces at a fraction of the price. 


2. Define Your Style Goals

What looks and styles are you hoping to embrace in the coming year? Whether it’s a more polished office attire or a casual chic weekend wardrobe, having a clear vision will guide your consignment store adventures. For example, you could create a vision board on Pinterest which will give you a clear idea of what you’re looking for. Once you complete your vision board, you can explore different budget-friendly clothing options – like going thrifting!


Navigating the Consignment Wonderland


4. Embrace the Thrill of the Hunt

There’s something invigorating about the hunt for the perfect fashion piece. Make consignment shopping your secret weapon this year. Explore the racks, dig through hidden treasures, and revel in the joy of finding unique items that tell your story.


Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and look at items you wouldn’t usually take the time to look through. It’s a good rule of thumb to look through both timeless classics and trendy pieces alike – you never know when something might catch your eye.

5. Curate Your Signature Look

When you fill your cart and you have to start making decisions, remember to be true to you. This year, let’s focus on quality over quantity. Build a wardrobe that reflects your personality by curating your signature look. Which pieces do you feel more comfortable in? Which pieces feel the most like you?



Maximizing Your Fashion Resolutions


6. Mix and Match Mastery

One of the joys of consignment shopping is the ability to mix and match styles effortlessly. Experiment with combinations to create versatile outfits from your newfound treasures. At Kids and More Consignment Store, we take pride in offering a wide selection of clothing for people of different ages and different styles! A good rule of thumb is to go to a store that offers a wide variety and in that way, you can mix and match different pieces of clothing to see what looks the best on you.



6. Sustainable Style Wins

Embrace the beauty of sustainable fashion by choosing second-hand pieces. By shopping at consignment stores, you contribute to a more eco-friendly fashion industry while enjoying stylish and budget-friendly fashion.

As you embark on this journey of budget-friendly fashion resolutions, remember that a new wardrobe is not just about clothes – it’s about expressing your unique style and embracing the positive changes the new year brings. So, dive into the world of consignment shopping with excitement and curiosity. Your stylish and budget-savvy future awaits!

Here’s to a year of fabulous fashion and mindful choices! Happy shopping!