March is finally here, and with it comes the official start of spring! It’s time to bid farewell to bulky sweaters and embrace clothes more suited for the warmer weather ahead. As we anticipate the gentle breezes and blooming flowers, let’s explore five ways to refresh your look with consignment finds.


1. Dresses for Days



⭐️ Style Inspo: Embrace elegance effortlessly by pairing a dress with a shrug sweater. For example, in this picture, Amelia is wearing a stunning burgundy dress and pairs it with a white shrug sweater for a perfect contrast of colors. 



⭐️ Style Inspo: Search for a one-of-a-kind dress, like Amelia, who is wearing a delicate blue dress, accentuated with white sleeves, for an ethereal and captivating look. 



⭐️ Style Inspo: Make a statement with a daring dress that beautifully and boldly combines lively colors and patterns. For example, this black dress adorned with vibrant orange floral patterns, celebrates bold contrasts and unexpected pairings for an unforgettable look.



Why Should You Wear a Dress During Spring?


With the arrival of spring, it’s the perfect time to dive into the world of dresses. Whether you prefer floral prints, long flowing styles, or shorter, more playful cuts, consignment stores offer a treasure trove of options. Embrace the season by experimenting with different styles and colors to find your perfect spring dress.



2. Floral Flourish



⭐️ Style Inspo: Embrace individuality with designs that you can’t find anywhere else. One of the amazing things about consignment shopping is that you’ll find pieces unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, like these floral printed jeans with a beautiful and rare white flower pattern. The jeans are paired flawlessly with a pastel pink blouse, creating a refreshing and delightful spring outfit that’s as unique as you are.



⭐️ Style Inspo: Master the art of mixing patterns effortlessly! For example, here Amelia paired a black and white floral sweater elegantly with a sleek black top and sophisticated white pants, putting together a beautifully sophisticated look.



⭐️ Style Inspo: Floral patterns are supposed to be fun and lighthearted! While you can go for more classy looks, you can also pair a bright blouse with a flower pattern you like with a nice pair of jeans. The wonderful thing about flower patterned clothing is that it will make you look radiant and eye-catching even if you’re going for more of a casual look. 



Why Should You Wear Floral Print During Spring?


Floral prints are a seasonal favorite for spring, and this year is no exception. Look for unique and eye-catching floral patterns that stand out from the usual. Whether it’s a bold floral blouse or floral-patterned pants, adding a touch of floral to your outfit is a traditional yet unique way to welcome the season in style.



3. Skirting the Issue



⭐️ Style Inspo: Did you find a skirt with a pattern that you liked? A safe and traditional choice has always been to pair a skirt with a pattern with a blouse that matches. A nice black or white top with a patterned skirt never goes out of style! 



⭐️ Style Inspo: While it’s great to play it safe, don’t be afraid to try some unique color and pattern combinations! Have fun and mix and match different kinds of skirts with tops. For example, this black and white vest with the lovely pink skirt is a unique, stylish combination to try.  


Why Should You Wear Skirts During Spring?


Skirts are classy, beautiful pieces that can be paired with a variety of tops, jackets, and shoes, making them a wardrobe essential when the weather turns warm enough to wear them. Explore different lengths and styles to find a skirt that suits your taste and flatters your figure.


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4. Denim Delights



⭐️ Style Inspo: Rock the casual-cool vibe with a pair of classic overalls, effortlessly blending comfort and style for an effortlessly stylish look that’s ready for any adventure.



⭐️ Style Inspo: There’s different kinds of overalls to try! You can go for long overalls or short overalls and explore different shades. 




Why Should You Wear Denim During Spring?


Denim is a classic choice that never goes out of style. While jeans, jean jackets, and denim skirts are what most people think of when they think of denim, why not try something new this spring? Consider stepping out in a cute denim overall for a fun and playful look that showcases effortless style.



5. Bold and Beautiful



⭐️ Style Inspo: Embrace the power of bold hues with confidence! For example, this striking neon pink dress adorned with vibrant red and purple accents, proves that daring color combinations can look just as stunning as traditional color combinations. Step outside your comfort zone and let your vibrant spirit shine!



⭐️ Style Inspo: If dresses aren’t your thing, you can also explore bold colors in all kinds of blouses, t-shirts, and even jackets! For example, for this style inspo, Amelia is wearing a beautiful, fun blouse that’s both fun and classy.  



Why Should You Wear Bold Colors During Spring?


While pastel colors are often associated with spring, why not shake things up and try some bolder hues? Don’t be afraid to experiment with bright, vibrant colors that make a statement. Whether it’s a bold red blouse or a vivid pink dress, adding a pop of color exudes confidence and draws every eye to look your way.

In conclusion, spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe and try new styles. With the wide array of options available at consignment stores, you can update your look without breaking the bank. Embrace the season’s trends and make a statement with your style this spring!